Why are mostly sit implement ceramics made of?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-27
Toilet is what mostly ceramics do? Implement has existed for several centuries, what we see every day the first and the last to see are almost sit implement, it's important as daily necessities. We sat on the toilet every day, whether to have thought about such a question, why do we use the implement are made of porcelain, and not to choose other material? Guangdong toilet manufacturer ceramic small make up take you to explore the mysteries of toilet, why only choose ceramic toilet? Here's the thing, such a developed day of science and technology, why don't we choose to use other new materials, still use ceramic production toilet? It also from the implement of itself. The modern intelligent ceramic implement a sit implement the following three functions should be considered: (1) it is a strong water machine. (2) it must be waterproof, clean and health. (3) it must be strong enough. So, we'll look at those modern commonly used materials, analyze the material of them as a toilet. Material (1) plastic plastic materials on behalf of the modern science and technology, we basically most of the articles for daily use is inseparable from the plastic, plastic on the waterproof performance is very good at the same time, the plastic can be used to make toilet? The answer is no. Plastic goods to make this kind of material if need, usually using extrusion or injection molds, burning process is relatively complex, and implement itself contains water tanks, valves, drainage pipe and so on, if want to use plastic to make such a fine model, the cost will be quite considerable. In addition, the plastic is not so good in terms of durability, often subjected to high pressure, very easy to cause deformation, once the internal components of the deformation will be easy to distort or break, affect the user experience. (2) stainless steel stainless steel material is another kind of life of the common material, such as stainless steel, etc. , stainless steel not only strong, and the production process is not complicated, so whether it can as the material of toilet? The answer is still no. Stainless steel were not rust, but is not rust, if encounter the chloride ion or soak in water for a long time, also can appear rusty. And implement itself is to have a water seal, we daily use tap water, because of the need of disinfection will exist a certain amount of chloride ion, stainless steel long-term contact with water can easily lead to rust. In addition, the stainless steel itself is sensitive to temperature changes, summer may not have too big problem, but in winter is likely to give you fart fart to freeze, resulting in a very bad user experience. Other materials and some other common materials, is also not suitable as the implement of the material. For example: wood waterproof ability is poor, easy to crack; Stone material surface holes, bacteria, heavy volume at the same time; Glass production process is complex, and at the same time easy to crack and so on. Sit implement, so the production is really finding no other way than to ceramic material.
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