Why do you say old man need more intelligent toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-29
Why do you say old man need more intelligent toilet, now, our living conditions are getting better, the body almost every day we have physiological needs, the toilet is part of our life will be not good. As intelligent toilet, now more and more people begin to use smart toilet, intelligent toilet use to people of all ages. Why do you say old man need more intelligent toilet? We take a look at the following: the benefits of the old man intelligent toilet day 1, clean with warm water cleaning every day more than three times the anus, anal sphincter outside because of the influence of the water column massage and warm and moist, improve venous blood circulation is helpful to health. And you can wash the toilet paper to wipe the dirt between the fold. 2, avoid warm water washed bacteria infection is not only the function of cleaning anus and women-only flush function, can be useful to avoid all sorts of bacterial infections, and use warm water wash after fresh feelings helps ease by illness puzzled. 3, avoid hemorrhoids, constipation, use toilet paper is not wipe clean dirt around the anus folds. Use warm water wash every day and the warm wind drying not only affect the surrounding capillaries to promote muscle lax and blood circulation, avoid hemorrhoids, constipation, can disconnect hemorrhoids surgery more pain. 4, to protect the obese, or aged old people body resistance is weak, and intelligent implement a function key work automatically. Warm water to clean, warm wind drying up automatically flush away work automatically. Robust function's body is not convenient to not worry about the toilet problem, adhere to the excellent clean body is conducive to health. Above why said the old man more need to share the intelligent toilet here, one elderly physical function will decline, after common geriatrics are weakening constitution, walking, etc. Have the elderly home so, had better install smart toilet cover. Intelligent toilet cover with warm air drying function, revoke the paper towel to wipe, avoid causing hemorrhoids, itching and discomfort, let old people more healthy. At the same time, the intelligent water and warm air drying, old people just need to sit can be completed, do not need to start up after next crouching, reduce the risk of accidents. Many elderly people suffering from constipation, intense effort in the toilet, a racing heartbeat may cause cerebral vascular rupture, serious when cause cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral embolism, really worrying. Intelligent toilet cover, when the old toilet, can open the massage function, a sphincter massage, promote blood circulation of anus week, make the elderly constipation problems.
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