Why smart toilet no longer 'smart'

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-18
People material life level unceasing enhancement, the people to pursue high quality life more and more, in recent years the emergence of the intelligent toilet attracted a large part of people's attention. Many people will choose to buy smart toilet in home decoration, but some people complain that the so-called smart implement don't smart. Some friends to buy smart toilet, wanted to enjoy, but buy back how long haven't started to appear all sorts of problems, to spend a lot of cost for repair, so they began to complain, 'said good smart? Not only intelligent, but also spend large sum of money to repair, it is better to ordinary toilet use convenient. 'Are the so-called intelligent toilet really is just a gimmick? The answer is no, although domestic intelligent toilet development later, but our technology development is rapid, constant study, research and development and upgrade, transform, now China's manufacturing technology has been leading the way. Is the above problems, the main reason is that modern sanitary ware market in China now, a few small enterprise small manufacturer to bring substandard products on the market to sell, this leads to a lot of consumers to buy the unqualified products. Intelligent implement market is broad, more and more people begin to accept and buy used. Here to warn broad customer, when buying a smart toilet should choose to normal manufacturer production of qualified products, do not covet is cheap.
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